Place Subwoofer with Soundbar

Where to Place Subwoofer with Soundbar So It Generates Quality Sound

Many are the instances the sound emanating from televisions does not meet the user’s quality and clarity preference. To get the sound quality and clarity they want, most people connect their televisions to small subwoofer.

Modern subwoofers are added with the right features to ensure users get the desired low-frequency audios with the right bass impact. Most of these sound systems can generate sound frequencies ranging from 20 HZ to 200 HZ, but that depends on the intended use.

Installing and adjusting subwoofers to work well with soundbars requires time and effort. It does require enough room and the right placement of subwoofers with soundbars. Subwoofers take the position of sound speakers, and so proper installation is crucial to get clear and quality sound.

Installing even top-end subwoofers wrongly, especially in poor rooms with standing-wave issues can prove quite challenging. Such dead spots affect the system’s bass, which lowers the sound clearance. The standing-wave issues are common in most rooms, and that’s why you must arrange the room first.

Where to Install Subwoofers with Soundbars

Once you decide to invest in a subwoofer to boost the clarity and quality of your sound system, it’s crucial to understand the basics of the proper subwoofer and soundbar placement. Check these tips to properly install your sound system regardless of the kind and size of the room you have.

Place them on the walls and at the corners of your room

When subwoofers and soundbars are placed at the corners of rooms, the sound pub is enhanced, giving you clearer and louder sound. You should not install subwoofers with soundbars at the room corners if your listening spot is farther from the corners. Check the distance to ensure that it’s not too close or far from your listening spot if you want to get the sound clarity and quality desire.

Check the Cords

Before you decide to set up your subwoofer and soundbar, check the wiring. If you must link the subwoofer with the receiver, you must hide the wires. Regardless of where you install the subwoofers, you must hide or cover the wires to avoid unexpected damages.  Leaving the wire uncovered on the floor raise the odds of it getting damaged and the connection being cut short.

The good news is, today, many wireless subwoofer kits are advanced and fully functional. For safer installations and better functionality, consider getting subwoofers with plug and play functions as they do not only produce clearer sound quality but also at best bass levels.

Identify best Spots

A subwoofer can be installed, whether wired or wireless can be installed anywhere on the floor based on personal preferences. However, to get quality and clear sound, you must identify the best spot, where the generated sound will be heard clearly. Consider a location that allows for quality sound production, regardless of whether you connect the subwoofer to your TV, DVD or use it to listen to music.


Subwoofers with soundbars amplify your TV, giving clearer and edible low-frequency sound. Get the best subwoofer for your room size and kind of sound preferences. Once you get the sound system, ensure you install it properly.

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